High Speed Ink Roll Coder ( M-1300A )



M 1300A high speed ink roll coder is a motor driven, continuous motion coder:

  • Built-in temperature control system is based on self-adaptive PID algorithm.
  • LED display with industrial grade film keys provides friendly UI and easy operation.
  • Support three kinds of signal: 1.NPN, 2.PNP, 3.PLC.
  • Support two print modes: 1.Auto Track Mode. 2. Fixed-Delay Mode.



Max: Printing Speed:
600 times / min (synchronized with packing machine).
Pouch Length
>38mm (4-up printer): > 70mm (2-up printer).
Printing Lines:
T-types : <13 lines, maximum 20 characters/ line.
R-type : <12 lines, maximum 13 characters/ line.
Counting Digits:  0-999999
Font Size: 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm (Other can be custom-made).
Ink Roll Required: 36mm X32mm, 36mmX40mm.
Electrical Requirements: 220V, 50Hz.
Weight of print head: 4kg.



Ink Roll Coder ( M-801 )



The compact M 801 ink roll coder is an intermittent motion coder easy to operate and install:

  • Compared with ribbon coder, M801 greatly simplifies the consumables change, decreases the down time and saves the cost per print.
  • The LED display and industrial film keys are easy to operate and monitor the temperature and delay printing.
  • The intelligent temperature - protect function makes the machine run only when reaching the proper temperature.
  • The preheating system largely decreases the downtime.



Print Area : 40mm*3 lines.
Print Speed : up to 120 prints / min.
Print Lines : T-types : <3 lines, maximum 20 characters/ line.
Font Size : T- Type character 3.0(Height) * 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 5.0mm (Width).
Control Box : LED display.
Ink Roll Size : 36mm X32mm, 36mm X 40mm.
Electrical Requirements : AC200 ± 10V, 50/60Hz, 2A, 130W
Working Temperature: 4C – 40C, 10%-95% humidity
Weight :  Print head: 4kg. Control Box-1.0 kg