Easy operation and maintenance

Equipment improvements in the cabinet design allows for easier access to circulation and electrical cabinets for more efficient field installations and routine preventive maintenance. Increase in the number of registered print data The data memory is expanded to a maximum of 2,000 types and a group management function is also provided. Liquid crystal touch-panel display A 10.4-inch large-sized liquid crystal touch-panel display is installed. Improved maintenance Ink and filter replacement can be easily executed by opening circulation cabinet front panel. USB memory-compatible. “Print data” can be easily backed up using commonly available USB memory.

Brighter & Clear Touch Screen :

Intuitive touch screen. The actual print message layout is displayed on the screen (WYSIWYG display). The printer function buttons are displayed as icons to assist in understanding the button feature. Various parameters, such as the line configuration and font size, can be easily set on a single screen.

Auto Power Off function :

Waiting to power OFF the printer after cleaning shutdown is eliminated. The process between automatic nozzle cleaning and system power OFF is combined in one push button function. After daily printing is complete, the operator no longer needs to wait until after nozzle cleaning to power OFF printer.

ECO – Friendly Ink

Hitachi is committed to protecting our environment by providing products that are eco-friendly. Fluids free of ‚chrome-complex dye‘ and also ethanol based inks are available for general purpose applications.